Making Champions On and Off the Field

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Agenda topic: Old Business

Discussion:  Variety of topics discussed

  • Website—Kristin and Ken checked the website and it is ready to launch for registration on May 1, 2016; test registration system tonight—checking to see if birth certificate from last year will be usable for this year’s registration; renewed with godaddy and League Athletics; will send mass email about registration tonight; publicizing weekly game results will improve this year/parent rep will post; linked to merchant account and good to go; reduced rate for second kid still in place; coaching applications still available on website
  • Registration—Nikki will contact Dani Tietz (Mahomet Daily)/Amelia Benner (The Citizen) to publicize our registration dates; ideas to promote football registration through high school players (Nikki will contact Keith to see if this is possible); flyer handout at the Jr. High using high school players (Mike B will check on this); check on banners in storage shed and put up week of April 25 (Mike B and Ken will get those ready and set-up)
  • School flyers for registration—Kristin will copy and cut; Nikki will contact school secretaries for numbers; handout flyers week of April 25
  • Tax consult—Kristin will meet with Mandi Alt to get a quote for year-round tax services
  • Equipment Inventory—need to set a date to go through equipment to see what needs we have this year
  • Fisher National Bank—Mike B and Ken need to go to FNB to take care of becoming signers
  • By-Laws—discussion of by-laws 23.6 and 23.7 (additions/changes to division of multiple teams) and 29.1, 29.2 and 29.3 (additions/changes to late registration policy) ; motion by Ken to approve changes/additions to by-laws, second by Kristin…approved unanimously
  • 2016 Calendar—made a few changes based on by-law amendments; calendar for 2016 is tentatively set with a few dates to be added based on scheduling of CIYFL

Conclusion: Progress on a variety of topics



Agenda topic: New Business

Discussion:  Variety of topics discussed

  • Fundraising—tabled until May meeting
  • Equipment Purchases—will make decisions after inventory
  • League Options—tabled until the end of the season
  • Budget—Need to set the annual budget; Kristin gave basic report; we’re sitting in a pretty good position; discussed trying to be self-sustaining with just player fees; role of sponsorship v. selling something door to door; budget is fluid document/will keep our eye on it; discussed going up to $600 for team budgets per season (e.g.—anything from homecoming, pizza party, banquet, etc.)
  • Insurance—tabled until May meeting
  • Non-Profit Status—Mike B checked with Chapin Rose and he is checking to see about completion of application process; Kristin checked with Mandi Alt and said she will check on status if we don’t receive notice by the fall

Conclusion: Progress on a variety of topics


Agenda topic: CIYFL Monthly Meeting

Discussion:  April Meeting

  • Weight limit increase not approved
  • At least one MSYF Board member needs to be present at each meeting

Conclusion: Next CIFYL meeting is May 10, 2016


Meeting adjourned by Mike Buzicky at 7:22 PM


Next Meeting                                                                                                       

Wednesday, May 18, 6 PM at Gallier Shed